Make a Choice, Be the Voice

Glascock - Make A Choice Glascock Back FINAL  is a campaign created by the Glascock County Youth Leadership P.A.C.K. as a part of the Alcohol Prevention Project (APP) with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. We are a group of students who have made the choice to say “no” to underage drinking, and who use our voices to encourage our community to do the same! We are not alone in our decision. There are adults in this community standing with us. Look for them around town. They’ll be sporting one of our t-shirts. Will you join us?

We need more parents, more students and more adults to take a stand with us!

Parents: Have you made the choice to not allow your underage children to drink in your house? Is your alcohol locked up? Have you used your voice to talk with your kids about the dangers of underage drinking? Do your kids know where you stand?

Adults: Have you made the choice to say no to requests for alcohol from underage kids? Are you an adult that teenagers know they can trust to have their best interest in mind, even when your answer is “no”? Have you taken a stance with your actions and voice for the safety of Glascock County students?

Students: Have you made the choice where you stand? Will you stand with us to make smart choices for your future? Will you use your voice for those behind you? Can we count on you?

The Power lies with those who make the choice and are the voice. We have to choose, and we have to speak. Will you join us in making the right choice and use your voice for the good of students in Glascock County?

 Glascock - Make A Choice Glascock Back FINAL